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With over 20 years of windsurfing experience in the keys, we will help you enjoy our great sailing conditions. Come and relax!!!

From our new location, at mile marker 74.5, you can go just across the road to a nice beach with easy launching. 
See picture, click here!

We just renewed our rental fleet and have a nice selection of Bic and Exocet boards to match the local conditions. Aerotech and Ezzy sails to go with that.

While the Keys are never a VERY windy spot, from October until the end of April we usually have 3-4 days of good short board sailing a week.
If you are on vacation and can go sailing any time the wind blows, it can often be more often that you can catch a good session.

The Keys environment with its warm and shallow water is ideal for beginners and intermediate sailors, the perfect spot to work on your waterstarts or jybes.

Windsurfing is child's play easy!!!

Lessons available starting at 6 years of age.

With the new wide board you often can learn without even falling once.

$75/hr Private beginner lesson (up to 2 persons, including one board).
Learn to sail in one hour, take a two hour lesson and we guarantee the results, we will have you sailing, turning around and coming back from where you started, able to sail on your own in light conditions, includes rigging technique and all the necesary basics to get going).

$70/hr advanced lessons (gear not included but workout guaranteed) one on one with instructor sailing along with you.
Learn or improve waterstarts, jybing, tacking, footstrap or harness use.


While we only very rarely experience surfing waves (always at the reef, three miles out), advanced sailors will be able to enjoy some pretty good chop conditions when venturing further away from shore.

Average conditions, 12 to 18 miles an hour when we have wind, so do not count on using those 95 liter boards but a few days in the year.

The most useful board for guys would be in the 125 to 140 liters, 110 to 125 for the ladies.

We carry the newer wide beginner boards, large volume intermediate boards and some of the smaller stuff with a good selection of performance free ride sails from 4.5 to 8 meters.


1/2 day $ 75
Full day $100                          WEATHER INFO
Weekly  $350

Weekly includes local delivery to your house or hotel, daily is pickup only.

Liability release: We will need you to sign this, please click HERE to read.

The wind is up come enjoy the season!!!!

Just kidding!!!!

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Toll Free (877) 453-9463
Local       (305) 664-9404
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List of accommodations around Islamorada:

Here is a list with some places to stay.

We are located at Mile Marker 74.5

We rate docks to keep a boat and Windsurfing access.
* Tough, ** Decent, *** Good, **** Excellent

Hotel or Resort

Mile Marker

Price Range

Phone Number(s)

Coral Bay Resort

One of the best small resorts, pretty and quiet.

The Keys the way it used to be.

Unspoiled and unhurried, a great place to relax




(305) 664 5568

Pines and Palms                              Nice small and private, cute cottages.             
                                                     good location, fast reef access. 

** Good dock, need to ask instructions to approach.



 (305) 664 4343

Bayview Inn & Marina
Dock and boat ramp *
 MM 63  Budget
 (305) 289-1525
(800) 289-2055

Bed & Breakfast of Islamorada
Not on water. Best price in town.


MM 81.1


(305) 664-9321

Breezy Palms Resort
Dock ***, Wsurf launch possible, not easy. *
Nice motel.


MM 80


(305) 664-2361

Casa Morada
Dock ***, hard windsurfing launch *
Beautiful place, tops for charm. Elegant "in" place. Sailboat cruises, sunsets or lessons available.




305 664 0044

 The Sands Of Islamorada                Nice quaint hotel, quiet and typical of the old Keys, super friendly people.

** Dock a little tricky but fast reef access. Tough windsurf access.


Caloosa Cove Resort
Docks, marina ***, Two star launch with beach **

MM 73.8

Moderate high

(305) 664-8811
(888) 297-3208

Cheeca Lodge
Excellent windsurfing, best launch. ****

MM 82


(305) 664-4651
(800) 327-2888

Chesapeake Resort
Docks available. Excellent windsurfing, great launch ***                                    Sailing on beach cats and lessons available.

MM 83.5


(305) 664-4662
(800) 338-3395


MM 75.5


(305) 664-5568

Days Inn of Islamorada
Wsurf launch possible *

MM 85


305) 664-3681
(800) DAYS-INN

Drop Anchor Motel
Dock ** On the water but tough windsurf access.

MM 85


(305) 664-4863
(888) 664-4863

Edgewater Lodge
Nice location, good access.

MM 65.5


(305) 664-2662

Fiesta Key KOA Kampground                      Dock ** 
Decent windsurfing, Bayside **

MM 70


(305) 664-4922
(800) 562-7730

Hampton Inn & Suites
Docks ***, Windsurfing launch possible, seawall **

MM 80

Moderate high

(305) 664-0073

Harbor Lights Motel
Dock ** On the water but no windsurfing access.

MM 84.9


(305) 664-3611
(800) 327-7070

Holiday Isle Resort & Marina
Dock possible **, Good windsurfing launch ***
Party place, not for quiet people


MM 84


(305) 664-2321
(800) 327-7070

Islamorada Motel

MM 87.7


(305) 852-9376

Islander Motel
Dock possible but not safe if weather *
Great windsurfing access, big beach ***
Nice place, easy access, units with kitchen, 2 pools, walk to everywhere

MM 82

Moderate high

(305) 664-2031

Key Lantern & Blue Fin Motels
Not on water but central and affordable.

MM 82


(305) 664-4572




La Jolla Resort

MM 82.2


(305) 664-9213

La Siesta Resort
Nice quiet place, pool, nice people.
Docks **, Well protected.
Second marina now on Bayside, very protected although tricky to find from water

MM 80


(305) 664-2132
(800) 222-1693

Lime Tree Bay Resort

MM 68.5


(305) 664-4740
(800) 723-4519

Lookout Lodge

MM 87.7


(305) 852-9915

Moorings Village
Dock small and exposed. * Great beach and access **** One of the most beautiful 
resorts around. Windsurfing lessons available. 

MM 82


(305) 664-4708

Ocean Dawn Lodge & Tennis
No dock, Wsurf access OK **
Good value!

MM 82.8


(305) 664-4844

 Pelican Cove Resort
Wsurf access possible but not easy *

MM 84.4

 Luxurious  (305) 664-4435
(800) 445-4690
HOUSE RENTALS: There are many houses with docks or even on the beach in the Keys. Here are a few where we know you'll be well treated:

Mark Poole: Nice house on canal Oceanside MM 76.5. Reasonably priced great ocean access, protected boat basin. Nice guy! (866) 678 1777

John Rawle: Angling Charter Captain, John is a long way from native England.  While away at home, John rents his home, check out his site.

RENTAL COMPANIES: These are the pros, they work with owners all year and know how to find you the house that you need. We have worked with the following companies before and found them reliable, friendly and helpful, give them a call, they have broad inventories of "on the water" homes from small condos to luxurious villas, they know the islands and will find you what you need.

Florida Keys Rentals and sales: A lot of choice, really nice people and service.  Ask for Barb or Julie at (888) 421-1050

The Real Estate Company: If you like the best, they have a selection of incredible ocean front and high end properties.
(305) 664-0525

Island Villas: A good selection and personal service (305) 664-3333






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